Welcome to your HLG Analysis.

To find out your Holistic Life Grade (HLG), this series of questions helps to give a complete and unbiased assessment of how your entire life is looking from the inside out. There are no wrong answers. Unlike the traditional schooling system, no grades are set. The score at the end is simply a way for you to track and interpret what you must pay more attention to in your life. Re-Creationism is built on full growth with indefinable limits, so by being honest and taking your time, this process will assist in your personal discovery. We recommend taking the assessment every 6 months.

Is our world's political, economic and social climate more of daily concern than the overall condition of your household?

How often do you get negatively impacted by the thoughts or actions of others?

Is your current health status a byproduct of how good you aim to look or how healthy you aim to be? What data are you basing your answers on?

Are you in your current relationship because of constant growth and genuine compatibility or because of a void being filled that you have gotten comfortable with?

Does your current occupation allow you to creatively express the best version of yourself daily?

How often do you reflect and regret some of the choices that were made in earlier stages of your life?

Before you ingest any form of nutrition, how often do you look at the ingredients?

How often do you look at "certain people" and assume that you are aware of the way they think or live?

How often do you intentionally research topics of interest you are not familiar with?

When is the last time you did more than what your work-related/entrepreneurial description detailed without any desire for praise or added compensation?

How often do you interact with personality types that really get on your last nerve?

Is your current state of health more negatively impacted by your food choices, your level of daily activity or both?

What is your favorite television show and why?

How often do you lose track of time because of positive involvement with personal/occupational projects?

Is there a certain day of your average week when you feel more connected to your version of source or is the connection equally distributed throughout your life?

How often do you enjoy uninterrupted time alone without any desire to be bothered?

Do you look your age according to your personal judgement and if so, do you know why? Are you familiar with how to slow down or reverse the aging process?

How often do you negatively anticipate paying your monthly bills?

How often do you not listen to the guidance given by your intuition?

How often are your off work activities connected to the advancement of your occupational skill level?

What is your favorite meal and are you aware of the long-term effect that regularly eating it has on your body?

Are the current roles that dominate your life leading you in a direction you are looking forward to?

Are there any habits you regularly engage in that are statistically proven to shorten life spans?

In your current occupation has most of your motivation come from competition with others or yourself?

Do you have any physical or emotional ailments you regularly treat with medication?

How many turbulent relationships are you staying attached to because of their length?

Based on your current model of how life is "supposed" to go, should the best days of your life be confined to graduations, marriages, promotions, and other destination-based goals?

Do you jump out of bed daily to begin your day or do you normally hit the snooze button a few times?

Does the intimate aspect of your current relationship cause you to tolerate mediocrity in other areas of it?

Are the regular conversations you have about people, events or ideas?

What activity do you enjoy doing the most and why?

Based on your current emotional and physical make-up do you have any idea what your life expectancy is? Or do believe that you have no control over your length of life?

Is taste the main motivation behind your eating decisions?

Has your tolerance to pain increased because of many survived turbulent life conditions? If so, how is your current view of life impacting your daily choices?

Are there any habits you carried from your childhood that need to be replaced?

Based on the life lessons surpassed to help you with these questions, you are probably very familiar with the frame of thought that led to each answer. Whether there was any desire in your heart to have any alternate answers, how would your life be affected if you at least understood how to manifest different results?

How would you rate the current state of your health?

How would you rate your current level of emotional intelligence?

Would you say you have a hunger to gain new knowledge?

Do you feel that you understand and love your life's purpose?

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